Q. Am I able to order directly online?

A. Yes, our website is designed to make our products available to individual consumers like yourself.

Q. What is your Return Policy?

A. You can find information about returns on our Return Policies page. Please know that we stand behind our product 100% and will always work with our customers to make sure they are satisfied. Please contact us with questions or concerns about your specific transaction at retail@sobelwestex.com or 1 (855) 697-6235

Q. Do you ship internationally?

A. In general, we do not ship internationally due the high cost of shipping. While we have the ability to ship internationally, we have not found an affordable means to ship such small quantities. We are currently looking into more shipping options. However, if you would like us to quote you on a shipping amount, please email us at retail@sobelwestex.com with your postal code, item numbers and quantity to be shipped and we will look into it for you.

Discover My Diamond Questions

Q. What is Gel-fiber?

A. Gel-fiber is an interchangeable term with micro-fiber and references the size of the fiber used in the pillow. The pillows are filled with 100% polyester.

Q. What is Ticking?

A. Ticking is a form of tightly woven textile that prevents down feathers from protruding through furniture and linen. Once used only for practical purposes, and usually striped, the textile’s use has been broadened and is now more commonly used for style rather than practicality.

Q. What are the pillows filled with?

A. The pillows are filled with 100% polyester fibers.

Q. Can you wash the pillows?

A. Our pillows are washable. Please see the label on your pillow for either washing instructions or the international washing symbols. If you need additional information regarding the international washing symbols please contact us at retail@sobelwestex.com or 1 (855) 697-6235

Q. How do I care for my linen or terry product?

A. Symbols are used rather than a language for international laundry use. Please see the product tag for care symbols. We can assist you with clarification as to the definition of your specific symbols. Please contact us and we can send those to you.

Q. How do I identify which pillow it was I saw/slept on at hotel?

A. All Diamond Resort Properties purchase both a Soft and a Firm pillow. The tag of the pillow will reflect this firmness rating. Both options are located under the “Pillow and Pillowcases” section.

Q. What pillow should I choose?

A. Pillows are very subjective, and each person’s sleep experience is different. Frequently, side sleepers tend toward a fuller, softer pillow, while smaller, flatter pillows are more regularly enjoyed by back sleepers or stomach sleepers.